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Your eBook is your viral salesman and also the perfect tool for branding because it's always better to brand your name and get recognized as a professional. Branding your name instead of a product will broaden your exposure horizon considerably. Your eBook should mainly be reference to useful tools and relative content and also your own email list. When your content is useful then your reader will be much more likely to subscribe to your list because that just confirms that they want to know more. Just one of the many proven successful tactics of Viral Marketing.

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The leveraging of viral marketing in S.E.O and page ranking can be time consuming but extremely effective. Viral marketing is all about targeted exposure, and there are e few basic rules to remember when you're trying to rank a website and/or blog. These are two of the most widely used viral marketing methods with blogging being preferred because it's free. Just remember to always try and use at least one to two keywords you wish to rank for in both your domain name and website and/or blog title. Take this website for instance, the domain is bestviralmarketing(.)come and the home page name is "Proven Viral Marketing Methods and Tactics. Naturally, the site is targeting "Viral Marketing" therefore the content also contains the keywords viral marketing quite often.

Populate your home page content accordingly because the keywords you wish to rank for should appear no less than twenty eight times on your home page. When you're trying to rank several pages to a single website, then it will be wise to keep this keyword population in mind for each individual page. Don't forget to include at least one header for each page with the keywords.

When you load graphic content to your website and/or blog, always zoom the image as large as possible because it will result in better resolution when you shrink the image. But this is just a bit on the basic structure, because having a website and an email list is the only two methods that you should promote affiliate offers as an affiliate marketer. 

Viral Marketing is so successful because it's so effective and you have to stand out from an incredibly large viral marketing crowd. Having your own Blogs, Websites, eBooks and groups will help you do just that and is therefore important tools to have for successful viral marketing.

These common basics must apply to all your websites, blogs and even your email list landing pages because that's what makes viral marketing so fascinating. Make viral marketing your passion, and not a "job" because applying these tactics may prove to be a little frustrating because the keywords you choose may already have been taken. 

​Should this be the case, then you're going to have to be a little more creative and use that keyword research tool mentioned earlier by surfing the site some more. And lastly you also need your website to actually be indexed by Google so you may want to check on another free tool. 

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benefits and importance of your email list

Basics of  s.e.o and page rank

Your email list is where the magic happens because your newsletters and auto-responder will tale care of the sales, on autopilot. Your email list is important because it's one of only two suggested and proven successful methods of actually making money online. Viral marketing is a great method to gain subscribers but note all the other tactics like page rank etc. 

An email list creates trust when you nurture your subscribers correctly, and nurturing does not mean a tsunami of affiliate offer emails. Quite the contrary, because basically only your newsletters must contain any product or offer links. Your auto-responder messages must be pure content with useful information and preferably free tools. 

This is also where your eBook comes in handy, because you can use it as a "Lead Magnet" to gain subscribers to your email list. The benefits of your email list is endless, and if you've ever wondered how super affiliates leverage viral marketing to their outstanding benefit?

They all have one single thing in common - An exceptionally large email list. 

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Benefits of your own published ebook 

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Proven viral marketing methods and tactics

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Viral Marketing will always be the silver bullet or magic button so widely searched for but first you must understand the logic of the concept. Viral marketing is an exposure game and therefore important to have your own website, blog and email list because that is where your visitors should be directed to. You never focus all your traffic driving efforts directly to an affiliate link but rather your own website, blog and email list via your landing pages and web forms on your website. You will see the web form to my email list at the bottom of the home page, where my subscribers gain access to free updates, methods and tactics on a regular basis. 

Commenting and posting on Forums, Guest Blogging and Writing are all proven tactics for better viral marketing exposure but you have to be able to offer valuable content and advice. Being able to do that with viral marketing only means that you will have to invest quite a lot of time and educate yourself accordingly when creating content. 

Remember these three steps to generating online sales by means of viral marketing. Viral marketing is an Art, it's not a contest and you must take your time and be objective with viral marketing.

1 - Addressing a Need / 2 - Offering a Solution (Something that Actually Works) / 3 - Inspiring a Desire. The most basic steps to generating actual sales with viral marketing. 

Your viral marketing efforts will be greatly magnified and rewarded by publishing your own eBook with known publishers, to whom you shortly will have access to. But like any other viral marketing method or tactic, the results will depend on your effort and content. You may want to use these next two sites to publish your eBook if you're a newbie, because they have on-site editors which means you will also learn a lot about publishing your first eBook. 

BookRix - A P.R-5 Publisher                                                                                        BookTango - A P.R-4 Publisher

Content writing has many advantageous and must be the single most powerful tool you have to optimizing your exposure. But content writing is an art that can only be perfected over time. Content writing and pretty much the success of any exposure tactic largely depend on superb keyword targeting. Viral marketing has many different methods all shaped into a single Primary purpose which is exposure. Viral marketing is most effective when engaging the right audience where you have to offer relevant keyword rich content at the right time because timing is equally important. Content writing requires a lot of preparation that is why it is a good idea to keep a notebook, so you can record ideas when they just randomly seem to appear. 

​But how will you know which keywords to target when having to populate your work with keyword rich content, relative to a specific niche? Well most of the more successful viral marketing methods and tactics are free viral marketing methods and tactics. You just need to know how to leverage these tactics by paying attention. 

The free tool provided will have you researching the most searched keywords on the internet and even give you a targeted reach. All you have to do is type in the keyword or keyword phrase you wish to research. However, you may get more accurate results if you keep it short and objective. 

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Common favorites used by successful affiliate marketers will include email list building, website design, blogging and eBook publishing. These methods are often combined with Forum discussions, guest blogging or posting but regardless of the method, the page rank always determine the level of your exposure. For instance, if you want to publish an eBook, then it would be wise to publish on a site with a high page rank.

The same goes for your commenting, posting and discussions. Viral marketing is the core of driving website traffic, but it's a sequence of tactics that need to be applied in the correct way. Checking the page rank of a site may even be an advantage when you decide to purchase a product or program.

However, the only way to really know about any product or system for yourself is to actually purchase and test the product or system. For this, the only primary attribute you should concentrate on is to ensure that you have a full money back guarantee. This way you never lose, and if nothing else then you would have learned a certain method or tactic. 

Once satisfied, these are also the tools you must then add to your toolbox because good tools are hard to come by. ​When you use the page rank checking tool, always remember to copy the website URL only which may end with (.)com, (.)org, (.)net (.) info etc. 

Do not copy any characters after the initial Website URL, because that will result in you obtaining incorrect information which may result in you passing up an opportunity. Most of the best traffic methods are free methods, but it's always good to have a budget once you understand the logic behind the concept. 

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When you decide to post an article, or even a blog post you may want to use the keyword tool first to establish a high converting keyword or keyword phrase for your Title. These Keyword targeting and page rank tactics are used by many successful affiliate marketers for their viral exposure.